Afghan Journalists at Risk

The independent Afghan media organization Nai says that at least seven political analysts, all of them critical of Pakistan and Taliban militants, have been targeted in the past month. During the siege of the city of Kunduz in October, the Talaban declared two national broadcasters to be legitimate military targets, after they reported sexual abuse and violence said to have been committed by the militants, according to The Guardian. During Taliban rule, there was virtually no independent media, but Afghanistan now has more than 100 television stations and 250 radio stations, many supported by funds allotted by the US government for free media. Targetted journalists say the Taliban are not getting stronger: the problem is that the post-Karzai government is weak and disinclined to intervene to safeguard media autonomy.


Picture from HumanRightsWatch video linked below, ‘Afghanistan: Media Under Attack’.


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Shot for speaking out: Taliban target prominent critics in Afghanistan‘, The Guardian, 30 December 2015


Aljazeera’s The Listening Post feature on the future of the media in Afghanistan, broadcast in 2013.


HumanRightsWatch video, ‘Afghanistan: Media Under Attack’.


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