Ahora Almodóvar: Spanish filmaker calls for radical political change

Filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar is among the 120 leading cultural figures who have signed an open letter calling for political change in Spain. Praising the 15-M movement that saw thousands of people from the grassroots occupying the main squares of Spanish cities in 2011, the signatories have called attention to the electory victories of Ahora Madrid (Now Madrid) and Barcelona en Comús (Barcelona in Common), and argue that the success of these two new political movements – citizen platforms made up of people from a variety of leftist parties, activists and unaffiliated citizens – indicate there is a different, and better, way of doing politics. Almodóvar has also joined actors Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz in calling on the EU to comdemn Israel’s military action in Gaza.


Image by Ahora Madrid (El Mundo) via Wikimedia Commons


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Watch: Ahora Madrid’s campaign film below.




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