Celebrity Politics and Nuclear Weapons

This week brings another example of prominent figures from the world of entertainment using their power of visibility to influence political outcomes. In an open letter published in the UK’s Observer newspaper, Mercury prizewinning band Young Fathers, Massive Attack and comedian Frankie Boyle are among those who have expressed concern that both main parties have said they will renew Britain’s nuclear deterrent if elected. The signatories argue that poll after poll indicate that a majority of the British public wants to decommission Trident, and that nuclear weapons make Britain a target and divert resources from ‘human and social needs’. Something to think about is whether it is appropriate for prominent personalities to use their fame and names in such a way in the run-up to a general election or, alternatively, necessary in a context of popular disenchantment with political elites.


Read more: ‘Musicians and scientists join call to scrap Trident nuclear deterrent‘, The Guardian, 11 April 2015.



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