Prince and Peace

After weeks of protests and unrest after the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray in police custody, thousands turned out to hear Prince at his Rally 4 Peace concert. Envisaged by the organizers as a ‘catalyst for pause and reflection’, the concert was replete with political statements as well as songs. Prince called for members of the audience to wear gray, in memory of the dead man. Some did; some wore T-shirts emblazoned with #BlackLivesMatter. In yet another example of a celebrity acting politically, Prince make a connection between the unrest in Baltimore and the lack of economic opportunities for African Americans there. ‘The system is broken’, he said. ‘It’s going to take the young people to fix it this time. We need new ideas, new life…Next time I come to Baltimore, I want to stay at a hotel owned by one of you. I want to get out of the airport in a car service owned by one of you. I want to play in an arena owned by one of you.’


Photo: Nathan Jackson, via Flickr


Below: ‘Baltimore’, by Prince, with slideshow of events by Eryn Allen Kane and Ralson Smith


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