UK Media Bias


Responses this week to publication of the recently re-elected British government’s budget resonate with the longstanding claim that the Conservatives and substantial parts of the British press enjoy a warm relationship. The rightwing Daily Mail depicted the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, as ‘fearless George’ slaying the dragons of the lazy and the left. The Sun tabloid announced that the budget would see the dawn of ‘the well fair state’ and the Daily Express, instead of reporting pending cuts that would put many Britons below the poverty line, crowed ‘Hooray! It’s pay rises all round!’. Reflecting on the reasons for what it called an ‘orgasmic response’ from the bulk of the national newspapers, the centre-left Guardian noted that Osborne’s narrative that the budget would help ‘workers’ rather than ‘scroungers’ suited the editorial positions of the rightwing papers. They were also pleased to see the BBC taking a hit, after weeks of fraught relations between the public service broadcaster and the Conservatives. A task for further research is how BBC journalism will be affected, with only 18 months left before parliament renews its charter.


Picture: ‘Fearless George slays dragons’ , article on the front page of The Daily Mail, 8 July 2015.


Read more: ‘Orgasmic response from right-wing press as George Osborne budget hits G-spot‘, The Guardian, 9 July 2015.


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